Right now, over one-fifth of the world’s electric vehicle (EV) sales come from the U.S. and Canada. By 2040, 54% of new car sales will be EVs. As EVs become more and more popular, the demand for EV infrastructure will continue to grow.

To help advance your business and support this expected growth, AGICITY™, Nexans’ DC (direct current) electric vehicle fast chargers, are now available in North America.

Noramco, one of the largest distributors of electrical, electronic, datacom, fiber optic cable, cable accessories, and wire in Canada is now an authorized distributor of Nexans AGICITY™ electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations. For more information, please click the press release button below.

AGICITY™ is more than just a car charger – it is a complete solution.

Through major installation programs like BienVEnu and Eco2Charge, Nexans has been expanding its electric mobility expertise since 2010. Building on this expertise and network of partners, Nexans has launched AGICITY™: a range of reliable hardware, software, and services designed to support EVs.

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Nada Filipovic
Segment Marketing Manager, Energy Infrastructure